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A Poker Run? Is that new?

If you've ever been to a biker event, you probably already know what a poker run is. But I'm going to explain it anyway, since we want people from all walks of life to enjoy this motorcycle rodeo!

A poker run has a starting point, and ending point, and a number of stops in between. The total number of stops (including the end point) seems to typically be between 5 and 9. 7 is a great number . . . (opinions expressed here are entirely those of the person writing this description and are not intended . . . whatever).

At each stop, the rider is issued a playing card from the staff of that establishment. Originally, poker runs hit nothing but bars, but in this age of enlightenment, we often throw non-drinking establishments in there to keep our riders sober and safe (until they get to the after party, then the concept of sobriety is often of historical value only).

At the end stop, after everyone returns from the day of riding and stoping and collecting cards, each participant has what is in effect a poker hand. Typically, there is a prize for the best (high) hand, and a lessor prize for the worst (low) hand. Often, there are a few other, consolation, prizes in there as well.

It's too early to announce our plans here, but keep an eye on this page for updates (or Sign Up for our newsletter and be among the first to know). We'll be announcing how many runs we'll be having as part of the Rodeo on the Range, and how big the prizes will be for each run. I can tell you this much, the purse is guaranteed to be four figures (that means at least $1,000). . . how deep into four figures is yet to be solidified. 

First Announcement: We will definitely be having TWO (2) Poker Runs. Once Saturday morning, and another Sunday morning. Each run will have a minimum $1000 prize purse. We're working on getting that number higher, but we are guaranteeing that amount as a minimum. Stay tuned for additional details as they follow . . .