AKA Potato in the Haystack.
Ever seen the carnage of a bouquet tossing at a wedding? It can be brutal. Keep that in mind when you imagine this game.

Riders and their partners circle a haystack. We call it a haystack, but it's really just two or three bales worth of hay piled in a mound. At the signal, the passengers hop off the bikes and dive into that haystack in search of a potato. Did I mention there are potatatos in that haystack? Exactly one less potato than there are competitors. That means, someone isn't going to get a potato.

So the competitor who fails to find a potato is eliminated. Then we do it again. And again. And again, until there is only one competitor left. Think musical chairs for bikers . . . Tough bikers . . . Who really want to take that trophy home . . .
We'll get some video up here shortly. But you can always check out You Tube for some examples.