What You Can Expect
This is the first Motorcycle Rodeo we've hosted in Tucson, but it ain't our first rodeo. We are still a ways out from the expected dates, and in the early stages of planning, but efforts to spread the word have already begun. Starting the end of April, we began working on a year long campaign to let riders, vendors, and sponsors know there's a new Rodeo in town. In a market the size of Tucson, and a regional location central to Southern California, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona, the potential crowd is vast.
Advertising efforts will continue throughout the year, emphasizing the South Western and Western regions. Select print advertising, a saturation of online advertising, and intelligent social media channels will all add to the public awareness throughout our "biker" demographic and beyond.
Initial estimates are for attendance figures around 1000 for this inaugural event. Those estimates are just that, estimates, and will almost certainly be modified as work on this event progresses and feedback is received. We will update this page and other pertinent pages on this website as those estimations change. We want you to know exactly what to expect and we want you to leave the event happy and anxious to place your deposits for the next event.
You have our guarantee that we will do everything we reasonably can (and some things beyond reason) to make this a successful and pleasant event for you. If you are happy, and the attendees are happy, the event will continue and will grow with each passing year.
Finally, in an effort to protect our vendors we are limiting the total number of vendors, as well as limiting the number of vendors in any given category. We are determined to make this event a success for all involved, including the vendors! We want you back next year.
For information on the demographic likely to attend this event, please visit the Demographics page.
Rewarding Those Who Support Us
While this is the first Motorcycle Rodeo we've hosted in Tucson (or has ever been hosted in Tucson as far as we know), it is not our first rodeo. Some of you were vendors at our Rodeo By The River events in Lake Havasu City in 2006, 2007, or 2008. We made a promise then that returning supporters of the rodeo would always get preferential treatment and a discount at future events. We upheld that year to year for that Rodeo.
We still feel loyalty to those who have supported us. This is not the Rodeo By The River, but we are extending that offer to the Rodeo On The Range. If you were a vendor at one of those three rodeos, you are entitled to the returning vendor rate at this rodeo. In addition to the reduced registration rate, returning vendors also get preferential selection of available spaces. Spaces are assigned on a first paid, first served basis, but if a space has not yet been assigned and two vendors are requesting it, a returning vendor will always get the edge.
Vendor Layout
We have finalized our location and are currently laying out vendor spacing.

For an overview of the layout, we'll have a separate page with a detailed plotting soon. For now, here are some images to give you a rough idea of what we'll have. (The view with people in it is of the horse rodeo in February and is not exactly how we'll lay it out, but is close. The notes on that view are what we'll be doing.) As you read the layout descriptions, refer to this image. Note: North is to the right in this image, West is at the top, and East at the bottom.

Planned Layout view
The layout will include two high traffic corridors with vendor booths lining both sides of each corridor. One corridor leads from the event entrance to the food court and East seating entry, the other leads to the West (and primary) seating entry. Both of these corridors are outdoors and uncovered, and spaces are mostly along the outer fence lines although there are a limited few along the inner fencing.

We are currently planning on having at least one beer booth on each side of the long Restroom building. The blue roofed structure is a platform. This is where the bands will be playing, and the walkway between the stage and the long restroom building is where we expect people to congregate during the evening festivities.

Most of the spaces on Vendor Row East will have access to power. However, if it is determined that your power draw is over taxing the available power, you will be asked to reduce your draw in order to insure adequate power to all.

Vendor spacing west of event entrance Event entrance North east fenceline East fenceline

Food vendors will congregate primarily in the Food Court area. There may be an exception or two for soft drink and/or snack vendors. There is some power available in the Food Court, but if you draw a heavy load, you may need to provide your own power supply. There is also some water available in the Food Court.

Vendor spacing west of event entrance Event entrance North east fenceline

Vendor Row West is along the outer fencing to the west of the stage and arena, with limited spaces available along the ramp that leads to the stage and the west bleachers. (The ramp surrounds the tent in the aerial image, just below the point of the arrow.)

West vending area. West vending area 2 West fenceline

An additional, covered area is available under the West bleacher seating, but at this time there is no plan to ensure traffic through this area. It is adjacent (actually extends) one of the high traffic corridors, but attendees can choose not to enter the area as there is access to the seating without passing through. If anticipated attendance reaches the point where additional vendors are warranted, we will redirect West seating to require passing through at least a portion of the covered area. If enough vendors desire and reserve spaces in this area, that alone will attract the attendees. Most of these areas have power and some have water.

Sample covered space. Sample covered space.
Vendor Fees
An outdoor 12x12 booth space in either of these corridors is $200 for new vendors, $175 for returning vendors. Additional, adjoining 12x12 spaces will be $150 for new vendors and $125 for returning vendors. For irregular space needs, please contact us at:
vendors at RodeoOnTheRange dot com

A covered 16' wide x 18' deep space will be $200 for new vendors, $175 for returning vendors.

The City of Tucson requires all vendors possess a business license and a city tax license issued by the city. It is the vendor's responsibility to acquire these licenses. More details about these can be found in THIS BROCHURE published by the City of Tucson. Proof of the licenses will be required before vendors are allowed to set up at the event. Tucson also has specific laws and ordinances regarding tents and coverings. Details are available in THIS DOCUMENT also provided by the city. It is the vendor's responsibility to know and abide by all applicable local laws and ordinances.

Unlike many festivals and events, there is no application fee for this event.

There will also be an additional requirement of one or more items offered by the vendor to be used as door prizes (where appropriate).

A final promise to our supporting vendors. As always, if you register and pay and for some reason the registration prices drop, you will be refunded the difference. If registration prices rise, you will be locked in at the quoted and paid price. If you register early, before space assignments are available, you will be given the opportunity to select your space(s) before any others, in the order your registration was received.
All fees are advance pricing. A 20% surcharge will be added to all prices 60 days prior to the event.
A Bonus For You
We always want to make our events as beneficial to the supporters as possible. That's how we keep you coming back each year. The best outcome for all of us is a large turnout at the event. With this in mind, we'd like your help and we're offering a bonus for you. We are offering referral fees to our vendors and sponsors. That's right, we'll pay you for every person you get to come to the event.
How does this work? For every ticket sold that is linked to you, we will pay you $1.00 at the end of the event. The best way for us to know you are linked to the ticket sale is through the referral cards we'll make available to you upon request. But the cards are not absolutely necessary. If you are mentioned as a referral when the ticket(s) is purchased, you will get credit -- and paid -- for it.
Contact us for cards, fliers, and posters. Make sure your customers mention you when they purchase tickets. You might be attending this event for free!

The small print: You MUST be a registered, paid, and attending vendor of this event, or a registered and paid sponsor of this event for this offer to apply. Validation and arbitration of a referral is at the sole discretion of Rodeo On The Range management. Referral bonus does not apply to discounted, free, or otherwise price reduced ticket purchases. Referral must be noted at the time of purchase to be valid.
Registration forms are now available for download, and an online registration feature will be developed later down the road. You can download the vendor application/agreement as a WORD document or a PDF document We're still happy to hear from you and accept your early registration at any time =)
Feel free to email us with your information, including the name of your business, the structure (tent, trailer, open air, etc) you intend to use, the products and/or services you offer, and your name and contact details. Pictures of your setup and products should be provided as well. We will review your information and notify you in a short period of time if you are accepted for the event. Please keep in mind that we will limit total vendors and vendors in any given category.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations more than 120 days prior to the event will receive a full refund less a $25 processing fee.
Cancellations more than 60 but less than 120 days prior to the event will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.
There will be no refund for cancellations within 60 days of the event. Under extreme extinuating circumstances, partial credit may be given toward future events at the sole discretion of Rodeo On The Range management, but with no obligation to do so.
vendors at RodeoOnTheRange dot com