Sponsors make the Motorcycle Rodeo possible!

Without our sponsors essentially subsidizing the attendees entry, the price of admission would be prohibitive and there would be no event. We know that. We appreciate that. We want to do everything we can in order to keep you happy and keep you sponsoring us! You are the heartbeat of the Rodeo! Accordingly, we have created a number of ways you can sponsor this event. We want something that works for you. Please view the various opportunities. If none of them seem mutually beneficial to you, please, contact us and lets work together find something that fits your needs.

For information on the demographic likely to attend this event, please visit the Demographics page.

Please note: With the exception of Events sponsors, any reference to signage or banners assumes the sponsor will provide a the signage or banner. Banners typically refer to one sided banners no larger than 2 x 6. Contact us with any questions about acceptable signage.

Sponsor opportunities

Individual events sponsor


These are what make a motorcycle rodeo a rodeo . . . the individual events. There's a wide range of them, from the wienie bite to barrel racing, to keg roll and jousting.
Check out the EVENTS PAGE for details on each individual event.
Event sponsors will have their name engraved on the trophies (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) for the event they sponsor, their name will be announced several times throughout the event, and a short blurb provided by the sponsor will be read by the announcer during the event. In addition, their name will be boldly printed on the banner for that event (seen clearly at the event and for years to come on the Official Event Video), and mentioned during the award ceremony (also featured on the video).

new $200           returning $175

T-shirt sponsor


Event T-Shirts are collector items to many attendees. Previous event t-shirts were crowd favorites and were seen around town and at virtually every local motorcycle event for several years. The initial run of shirts is currently planned at 300. If event ticket presales warrant it, additional shirts will be printed as needed.
T-shirt sponsors have their name included on the Official Event T-Shirts. In addition, their name will be mentioned during the award ceremony, and the shirts will definitely be featured in the Official Event Video.

For the first 300 - 500 shirts:
new $250           returning $200
If additional shirts are necessary an additional fee will be collected equal to $0.50 per shirt.
Larger logo space is available at an additional fee.
Poker Run Sponsor

Poker Run

One of the biggest draws of any motorcycle event is the opportunity to take home money. At our last rodeo, we had two runs with $5000 in prize money for one and $2500 for the other. The larger the prize money, the more people show up at the event. Nothing is finalized yet, but we are targeting two runs for this event with each carrying a $5000 total purse.
Run sponsors will have their logo featured prominently on the Official Event T-Shirts. The larger the sponsorship, the larger and more prominent the logo. Run sponsors names will be mentioned several times at the run beginning and end ceremonies, and a blurb provided by the sponsor will be read during the awards ceremony. In addition, a banner provided by the sponsor will be displayed prominently during the ceremony, and featured prominently in the Official Run Video. We are open to suggestions on additional benefits to run sponsors.

Amount vary from $200 up to the run total of $5000. Contact us to discuss your desired sponsorship level.
Banner sponsor


The official event banner displays prominently during every event, during the ceremonies, and during any and all on stage entertainment. Most photos taken of events from the stands, or of any entertainment, will naturally include the banner in the shot. The Official Event Video will have numerous, clear shots of the banner throughout. All award presentations are done directly below the banner for maximum exposure.
Banner sponsors will have their name and phone number included on the Official Event Banner. The Official Event Video will have no less than 6, clear shots of the banner throughout (potentially many more, but guaranteed 6). All award presentations are done directly below the banner for maximum exposure. At future events, previous event banners will hang in a place of honor, giving renewed exposure to your company name and phone number. Banner size and information sizing will be determined by requirements.

new $50           returning $40

Registration pack sponsor

Reg Pack

The registration pack is the bag of goodies given to the first 500 attendees through the gate. This number may be increased if ticket pre-sales warrant it, but the fee will not. The sponsorship opportunity is to have your item placed in the registration pack.
The value of this sponsorship is in whatever you decide to provide for the swag bag. Coupons for services or discounts are common, as are small promotional items. Your value will increase if your swag is pertinent to the audience. Bottle openers would be popular with this crowd. Kickstand discs as well. Consider the audience when choosing your item. To guard against excessive duplication, you must state your promotional item when registering for this sponsorship (we don't want 15 bottle openers). Inclusion acceptance will be at the discretion of Rodeo On The Range management. Promotional item is required in addition to the one time fee.

new $50           returning $40
Program sponsor


The Commemorative Program will be a minimum of 12 pages and will contain useful details such as a map of the event layout, a directory of each of the events to help explain the goals and rules, a full schedule, and tidbits of useful and interesting information. Advertising space is limited to 3 pages and the back cover. The program format will be an 8.5 x 5.5 center stapled booklet (think standard paper folded in half). Advertising is available in Black and White (b/w) and Full Color. They really do read them!
Advertisers are responsible for providing a print-ready, electronic version of their ad copy. Print ready means formatted in the ratio of the purchased space, and of sufficient quality to not pixelate when printed. Please prep your ad and view it at the target size before submitting it. Rodeo On The Range management will not be responsible for copy errors, misprints, or illegible ads.

Ad pricing varies by size, location and b/w vs color. Please view the Program Ad Space page for details.
Music sponsor


Music sponsors make the entertainment possible. We will provide as much entertainment as our budget (music sponsor provided) allows. Our ultimate goal is nonstop music available anytime an actual on field event is not in action. At a minimum there will be a Friday night act and a Saturday night headliner. With your help, we'll expand that to multiple acts throughout the day and evening. With enough support, we'll even have a Sunday mid day headliner to close the show.
Music sponsors will have their name/logo on-stage behind the band with good quality visibility on the many stage shots used in the Official Event Video. In addition, the sponsors name will be mentioned by the band numerous times, and a brief message provided by the sponsor will be read by the mc or the band itself at least once. This will be included on the Official Event Video. Music sponsorship includes the sponsor's name on the Event Banner, and the Official Event T-shirt. If sponsor signs early enough, their name and logo will also appear on as much of pre-event advertising as is reasonably possible.

Silver Music:     $500

Gold Music:     $1250

Platinum Music:     $2500

DVD video sponsor


The Official Event Video will be included on the Event DVD along with some additional goodies. If we have Gold or Platinum level Music Sponsors, we'll make a music video featuring the band they sponsored and include that on the DVD. Slideshows of a large selection of still images will also be put on the DVD as extras. The video will be professionally produced. Its purpose is to promote the event and showcase the participants, vendors, and sponsors. The main portion of the video will be no less than one-half hour, and not more than two hours in length. Additional segments or features (as mentioned abouve) will be added to make this a full feature DVD.
DVD sponsors support the event by making the professional production of the Official Event Video possible. As such, their identity (name/logo etc) will be featured prominently in the video through the use of banners, product placement, interviews, and any other means reasonably possible. Like the Music Sponsors, your name/logo will be included on the Event Banner and the Event T-shirt. In addition, your banner will be displayed prominently in the competition arena for the duration of the event.

Silver DVD:     $500

Gold DVD:     $1250

Platinum DVD:     $2500