Entertaining at the Rodeo

What we're thinking
The Rodeo on the Range motorcycle rodeo likes to keep its attendees entertained. We do this by having various activities going on simultaneously. Often, this includes a musical act playing whenever there's not something else happening on the stage or there's not a loud motorcycle game in progress.

We are still in the very early stages of planning, and have not yet set our entertainment budget or solidified our daily schedule for the motorcycle rodeo. We expect to have that information solidified by late summer of this year. At that time, we'll start signing contracts with our entertainment.

If you wish to be considered for the motorcycle rodeo, please read the following sections.
Opening acts
These acts will fill the time between other events. Our final budget will deteremine how many of these we bring in. The motorcycle rodeo covers three days, and there will be time gaps between official events. Opening acts will be typically be on stage in one hour blocks throughout the day and early evening.
Headliner acts will play as the last on stage of the day. There will be two or three headliner acts, depending on the final schedule. At a minimum, there will be an act onstage Friday evening, the first night of the motorcycle rodeo, and a second act onstage Saturday evening. Saturday is "the big show." There is a chance we may have a final headliner Sunday afternoon to close the event. The evening time block is about 3 - 4 hours. If your act can fill that, great. If not, we might have an opening act fill the first hour or so. This "schedule" is flexible at this time.
If you're interested
If you want to be considered as an act for the motorcycle rodeo, please contact us. At a minimum, provide your name, band/act name, contact information, a description of your music or style, and a way we can preview your act. That could be a demo disc, a link to something online, or a list of upcoming venues you'll be playing. If we think you'd be a good fit, we'll reach out to you.

We will be conducting these informal auditions throughout the spring and summer of 2017 in order to be ready to begin the contract signing in the fall.

music at RodeoOnTheRange dot com