About the Rodeo On The Range

Imagine the dust, grit, spurs, leather and all the wild broncs that lure us to the rodeo. Well . . . there aren't any spurs at this one, and the only wild animals are the riders. It's a Motorcycle Rodeo, of course! The motorcycle event to top all motorcycle events. If you haven't seen a motorcycle rodeo before, you've gotta see it to believe it. Watch these riders turn their street V-Twin motorcycles into $30,000 metal stallions. Overall, it's a weekend of fun, high $ runs, and motorcycle games. The events are not detrimental to the bikes -- these stunts are commonly done on the roadways daily. (However, we do not endorse the Potato Race or Weenie Bite while flying down I-10). Bike riders from all around gather to test their skills and show them off in one or more of these entertaining events

Destined to be one of the Region's Major Motorcycle Rallys!

As far as we know, the Rodeo On The Range is the first motorcycle rodeo to be held in Tucson. It certainly is the first we've held here. But it's not our first rodeo. A decade ago we were holding annual motorcycle rodeos in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, known as the Rodeo On The River motorcycle rodeo. It started humble but by it's third year it was an unqualified success. People showed up from the coast in California, from Idaho and Washington to the north, Texas and New Mexico to the east. They came with tents, they came in campers, and they filled the local hotels. It was a great weekend, although it was marred by some less than pleasant weather (it was in March).

Unfortunately, after a three year run the Rodeo On The River ended when the promoters' work forced a move away from the area. Fortunately for you, the promoter is in Tucson and is now firing up a new motorcycle rodeo -- the Rodeo On The Range. Brought to you by Dog Slobber Productions™, the Rodeo On The Range will be bigger and better, in a larger market, with more local bikers ready to play.

You don't have to participate if you don't want to. We'll have plenty of contestants to give you something to see. And this motorcycle rodeo is so much more than just a rodeo. The music and entertainment will fill the days. The high dollar poker runs (yes, with an S) will keep it interesting. There'll be food and vendors and a surprise or two that we'll throw in, so you never know what's coming. But it will a great time. You don't even need a motorcycle to attend this motorcycle rodeo. Come watch the fun and enjoy the shows.

If you've ever been to a motorcycle rodeo, you know they're great fun and entertainment. If you've ever been to a motorcycle rally, you know the atmosphere is unique and unmatchable. If you've never been to either, this is your chance to see what it's all about. The Rodeo On The Range motorcycle rodeo is a rodeo and a motorcycle rally rolled into one.

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