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The only bull at this
rodeo comes from
the riders



You can come to watch, or you can come to participate, win trophies and prizes, and impress your friends. Oh, and make new friends along the way. Not every event is on the schedule for every Rodeo, but most will be. Watch the OFFICIAL SCHEDULE for more . . .


This may be the first motorcycle rodeo in Tucson, but "it ain't my first rodeo." There are some excellent vending opportunities with this rodeo. However, vending space is limited -- we don't want to oversaturate the event.
See what we have to offer you, the vendor. Then let us know what you offer to the participants. Together, we can make this a winning proposition for everyone involved. Check out the Vendor page for more information.
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Sponsors are what make this (or any) event possible. We count on you to make it an event worth attending. So in return, we do all we can to make it worth your effort and sponsorship.
We have a wide range of sponsor opportunities, ranging from Event sponsors (for individual events and races), to music sponsors who make the bands possible. Run stops, tshirts, banners, the program, and the official event dvd. There is no shortage of sponsorship opportunity.
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Motor cycle Rodeo
Crazy Deeds on Iron Steeds Ride or Watch

Imagine the dust, grit, spurs, leather and all the wild broncs that lure us to the rodeo.  Well . . . there aren't any spurs at this one, and the only wild animals are the riders. It's a Motorcycle Rodeo, of course!  The motorcycle event to top all motorcycle events. If you haven't seen a motorcycle rodeo before, you've gotta see it to believe it.  Watch these riders turn their street V-Twin motorcycles into $30,000 metal stallions. Overall, it's a weekend of fun, high $ runs, and motorcycle games.  The events are not detrimental to the bikes -- these stunts are commonly done on the roadways daily.  (However, we do not endorse the Potato Race or Weenie Bite while flying down I-10).  Bike riders from all around gather to test their skills and show them off in one or more of these entertaining events
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featured events:

Wienie Bite

Bite a hanging, mustard plastered hotdog from the back of a moving vehicle. How hard can it be?
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Honey I'm Home

In bed with a lover when you hear "Honey, I'm Home" and it's a race to get dressed, out the window, and down the street.
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Barrel Race

Like a horse rodeo, but no horse. Just your iron steed, three barrels, and a serious desire to keep that $25,000 bike up out of the dirt.
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Keg Roll

You have to keep the keg inside your lane and can't use your hands or feet (or any other body part) to get it across the finish line.
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